Sunday, April 17, 2016

Out in the Cold? Fever Running High? Sunnyvale Urgent Care Will Help!

If you are planning on enjoying a fabulous pre-Superbowl bash in Sunnyvale, it is important to take some steps to ensure you stay healthy during and after the event. While you are listening to the three live bands and sampling food from the 20 restaurants offering their treats, you will need to think of your health and safety as well. Providers at the urgent care in Sunnyvale encourage all Pre-Bowl Game Day visitors to wear warm clothing in order to stay healthy and prevent illness. Wear a Hat Many people grew up listening to their mothers and grandmothers telling them to wear a hat outside in the winter, or else they would catch a cold. While colds are caused by viruses and not just exposure to cold air, there is some truth to this good old-fashioned advice.